Month: July 2012

New Website Layout

We have been working hard revamping the website to make it easier for our customers to navigate the site finding what they are looking for. Also this new site makes it easier for the whole SG team to work together bringing you the latest computer related technology’s and need to know information.

Keep checking back for the latest news and information.


The future is here for Hard Drives!

Don’t take slow as an answer, get a dramatic increase in performance when loading programs and features on your computer

Tired of always grabbing the charger? SSD’s don’t use so much power as a traditional hard drive and can extended battery life in your notebook.

Free to move

SSD’s are more robust than the traditional hard drives and can be moved while on but we still insist to be careful. Why not run a SSD along side a HDD so you can run as fast as a SSD but also store as much as a standard HDD?

An HDD is more likely to fail than a new SSD, due to the moving mechanics of the drive, making their life span much shorter.

The downside of SSD’s is the capacity they hold, a price for a average 1000GB HDD is about the same for a 128GB SSD but take this into consideration:

  • Will you use all that space?
  • Do you need speed more than space?
  • Can you use a standard hard drive side-by-side to store data instead?
  • Tablets VS Computers

    Tablets VS computers

    Firstly what is a tablet?

    Everyone is talking about tablet computers but what are they and what can they do. A tablet is a handheld all in one computer with a touch screen display. What makes the tablet different from a standard laptop or desktop is that everything you do on it is done by the touchscreen. The touch screen display makes using a tablet much more enjoyable and comfortable compared to a standard mouse and keyboard.

    Benefits of having a tablet


    Tablets are generally smaller and lighter than a laptop. This mean that they are more comfortable when using them, also because most tablets are not as power hungry they don’t suffer with overheating, this is good for prolonged use.

    Battery life-

    Most tablets are not as powerful and avoid running unnecessary items this means the battery life lasts much longer than a traditional laptop or netbook. Also because the battery lasts longer this will mean that you won’t be tied down to a power socket.

    Portability –

    Tablets are generally smaller and lighter then laptops this means that they can be stored in small bags with ease.


    All tablets have Wi-Fi to connect to the internet but the more expensive tablets will have built in 3G/4G connectivity so you can browse the internet on the move.


    Tablets are generally safer and more secure than standard computers because they use various operating systems like Android, IOS(Apple) and RIM(Blackberry), however windows tablets are available which have the same security risks as a standard windows computer.

    Downside of having a tablet


    Because the tablet is smaller then a normal computer and to ensure they keep cool the processors are usually less powerful then a standard laptop or netbook.


    Most tablets use their own way of downloading apps. This means that software on one device may not be available on another device.

    Windows 7 tablet & Computer

    The new windows 7 and 8 operating system has been designed to be used on touch screen computers such as tablets however it also can be used with a mouse and keyboard. Windows 8 runs many programs that you use on your laptop and computer so this will allow you to use them on your tablet as well.

    Windows 8 Consumer Preview

    Windows 8 Consumer Preview

    The start of March has come meaning the end of the Windows 8 Developer Preview, fear not Microsoft have recently released the Windows 8 Consumer Preview the next beta stage of the new operating system from Microsoft.

    The difference between this and the developer preview is big, many new features work even built in applications such as mail, messenger, calendar, Internet Explorer and the Store now work giving this beta a more operating system feel to it making it usable for users who wish to try out this new OS.

    Of course it is not recommended to install Windows 8 on your main computer or use it as your main operating system yet as it is still a beta because of compatibility issues with hardware such as printers and software such as games or other programs you may have.

    Microsoft is redefying the way users use their computer for communications and media viewing.

    Windows Experience Rating has gone up from 7.9 to 9.9 as the new scoring system for Windows 8.


    Windows 8 is bringing back Windows Live Messenger in a whole new way, the ability to link your account on your computer to your Windows Live ID makes linking accounts and social networks easier.

    SkyDrive – Ability to store documents in a cloud environment is only a click away.

    Photos – The redefined photos app brings all your photos from Facebook, Your Computer, Flickr and SkyDrive all in one place for easy a quick viewing.

    Music – The music app checks your music folder and gives you ability to buy albums and songs on the online store, also a neat little feature when you are playing a track when you adjust your volume using “hotkey’s” you have the ability to control your music.

    Customisable Start Menu:

    Live apps, customisable layout, everything to keep you up to date of what going on in your computerised life.