Feedback from customers

“The computer you provided & transferred all my old files to is working fine. I appreciate the advice you have given as the change from XP to Windows 10 requires time on my part.
The DVD Drive had a fault & it was replaced & checked using two to my discs & set up for ease of use.
Many thanks for a first class service.”

Mr Allen”

Wednesday 29 Feb 2016

“I just wanted to say thanks to you guys for fixing my laptop. After Sony trying to rip me off and no one else able to help me, I appreciate you taking a risk and sorting it out. If myself or anyone I know needs computer services it will be you we come to. Cheers.

Peter Harrison”

Wednesday 29 Apr 2015

“Thank you for all your help and advice with my laptop! You’ve been brilliant and I’m so pleased with the upgrades – it’s now lightning fast and more memory than I’ll ever need. Much appreciated.


Tuesday 29 Apr 2014

“These guys built me a monster…Money well spent and worth every penny…After sales were fantastic and they even delivered to my house….would recommend to anyone….Thanks guys.

Clive H”

Monday 30 dec 2013

“Went in said exactly what i wanted and what i wished to do, was given expert advice amazing service and a very affordable price.
I’d highly recommend these guys to my friends and anyone who is seeking expert advice or affordable yet good quality products.

big call out to nathan as well super help thank you ^^


Alex H”

Friday 13 Sep 2013

“The older generation who are not experienced in computer use and terminology should have no fears. If you have a problem go and see Shaun and Co at SG Computing.

I was caught in a “Windows” scam recently and went to see Shaun.

He was most understanding, I didn’t feel as if I was the worlds’ biggest idiot and he said how easy it is to get taken in.

I left my pc with them and they sorted out all the problems all in the same day and for a reasonable charge.

Can’t say fairer than that.

Also their inks for an Epson printer are half the price that we have been paying.

If you have a problem with your pc give them a try


Michael S”

Thursday 23 May 2013

“Had problem with my PC but Shaun & Co sorted it out with friendly and efficient service and at a reasonable cost.

Mick D”

Monday 29 April 2013

“Many thanks for your help once more, I still bring my laptop back even though I live in Cromer now, to, the good guys. Also thanks to nathan for persevering on the phone ;-).

John B”

Saturday 26 Jan 2013


“I would really recommend SG to people who are thinking of changing there computer. Shaun, Nathan and Tom were of immense use to me with advise and showing me the way around windows 8. All in all a really good experience with professional people.

Phill R”

Thursday 17 Jan 2013


“Regarding S G Computing Shopping on line
I was very pleased to received my order as promised on time”

What an excellent service


Monday, 13 Dec 2012

“Hi Shaun,
Like the much improved website, very easy to read, even for those of us who are colour blind!.
Mike W”

Monday, 10 Dec 2012


“I’ve always tried to keep my business local which, I believe, is good for the local economy!
At SG Computing they do listen to you and give you exactly what you want.
If, like me, you don’t know what you’re talking about, they’ll help and advise. So unlike the big flashy stores whose selesmen are more interested in their commissions and try to palm you off with something you don’t need.
I’m delighted I stayed local.

Peter P”

Thursday 29 Nov 2012


“Its not easy to find a reliable workshop to service ones computer but the team quickly came to grips whilst informing me of the latest gadgets and updates the coffee was nice too…
B W”

Tuesday, 27 Nov 2012


“To Shaun
Thank you for sorting out my printer Excellent service.
Susan F”

Thursday, 22 Nov 2012


“These are good people and very patient.
I am very pleased with the service.
David D”

Wednesday, 10 Oct 2012


“Hi just to thankyou for my system it is what I wanted and the advice was very good . At least if I have a problem there is always good local advice.

Tuesday, 09 Oct 2012


“Ordered one of the machines Shaun Recomended, he said it would take 8-9 days to be ordered and built , 5 days later Shaun rang and said all ready for collection complete with OS installed and original disk, what great service.and I know backup will always be there.

Friday, 05 Oct 2012


“I would just like to thank Shaun & his team for a great service. The i7 pc he built me is perhaps the best i have ever had, (definitely the fastest).
A good solid computer.

John S”

Wednesday, 26 Sept 2012


“To Shaun.
Thank you for sorting out my computer very good service.

Wednesday, 14 Mar 2012


“Hello Shaun.
Just to say since you did an electronic clean up and a up grading of the RAM, it is like having a new computer.
Thank you for an exellent service
Mr H”

Thursday, 08 Mar 2012


“Well done Shaun for recommending the TP-Link antenna to replace SKYs on the Netgear box Wi-Fi Signal all over the house now,
Barry T”

Thursday, 08 Mar 2012


“Dear Shaun,
Thank you so much for your exceptional technical support for my mother. She is very happy to be able to see her Canadian great grandchildren on skype. Hopefully she can manage now and will be able to continue on her own. Thank you so much.

Thursday, 26 Jan 2012


“Hello Shaun,
Big smiles too from me and the antenna you sold me for my sky Wireless drop out problems!
My home Wireless has been completely transformed and i have a huge increase in rage and power – definitely the best buy i have made in years.
Many thanks again for your excellent advice and service.
Ted S”

Friday, 11 November 2011