Services We Offer

iPhone Screen Replacments

We now offer a iPhone screen replacement service, Please phone us for pricing

Custom PC Builds

If you are looking for a new computer system but you are not looking to pay over the odds, SG Computing can help. We build custom systems to suit many specifications, and we boast reasonable and affordable prices. Pop down to the store today and chat to a team member about your new build.

Home Installation

Are you struggling to set up and run your new computer? Simply give SG Computing a call or pop in store today to arrange a home installation. A member of the SG team will happily set up your computer for you, make sure everything is working properly and give you any helpful tips and advice.

Refurbished Computers Sold

If you are on a budget, buying a new computer can be unrealistic. Here at SG Computing we offer a wide selection of refurbished computers. All computers come with a 90 day hardware warranty, and all the refurbished systems have been thoroughly tested by a member of the team. Come down today to see what we have in stock.

Internet Help And Setup

We are proud to offer free, reliable advice for all your networking needs. We can give you tips on how to achieve the most from your network, tell you about the best service providers in your area, and show you our favourite networking equipment. For a small fee we can send a member of the team to your home address or business property to set up your own network system.

Virus & Malware Removal

With thousands of virus floating around on the internet, protection is key. We stock Internet Security in store, for Windows computers and Macintosh systems; We also offer a cleaning service, to remove malware and virus that may have infected your computer.

Major Computer Components Stocked

Are you looking to upgrade your computer? Do you need a new piece of hardware for your system to keep it up to date? Here at SG Computing we stock a wide selection of internal and external components, such as hard drives, graphics cards and keyboards.

Computer Repairs

Are you having problems with your computer? If it crashes or refuses to boot, it may need a service. We offer a wide range of repairs, and can fix most problems here in store. SG computing aim to fix your computer problems quickly and we aim to give you honest advice on the most cost effective way to get your computer back up and running.

Most Office Equipment Stocked

We have a wide range of office equipment and computer peripherals in store, such as mice, keyboards, printing paper, disks, ink cartridges and memory devices. Come in and take a look at what we have in store, and if you need something specific, a quick chat to a team member will help you find what you are looking for.

Service Level Agreements

We now offer Service Level Agreements to local business customers, we have multipul plans available don’t hesitate to Contact us for details.