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Skype Fraud Calls!

Beginning on or around March 15, 2011, numerous people have reported that they’ve received virus scam calls on Skype from a robotic voice telling them that their computer is infected.

Rep0rted scammer names are calling on Skype coming from

  • John Simmons @ Online Alert
  • Online Notification
  • Skype Alert System
  • System Alert
  • System Service
  • Service Report
  • Service Update Report
  • Update Notification

These scammers call you directly on Skype and ask you to accept the call.

The scammers Skype usernames that have been reported to me so far are (in alpha order)…

  • drfacima8a
  • drfam9aa
  • drfcammmaikaa5
  • drfiakalvinn1
  • drfiakalvinn5
  • drfikaloapal
  • drhelpmnsys10
  • drkidavusggkam10
  • drsybasysm11
  • drupdateinfozbc3
  • drupdateinfozbc8
  • drvmupdfazuu2
  • drz1sysnotice4
  • drzabcalert14
  • drzabcalert2
  • drzzjohnsimmalm1
  • sintsystmas11

What makes this dangerous is the scammer then tells them to visit a website to remove the virus from their computer. The referred website contains malicious script that can potentially infect your computer viruses.

Reported malicious domains/url given by the scammers…

  • – Norton Safe Web has reported viruses
  • – No Norton Safe Web reports.

According to Norton, is based out of the Netherlands and is unsafe to visit and contains a virus and a drive-by download to a Trojan.FakeAV.

For more information about what a Trojan.FakeAv is, Norton has an article here.