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Strong AntiVirus is a must !

Are you using “FREE” Anti-Virus protection on your personal or business computer system? After reading this article you might want to reconsider upgrading your Anti-Virus protection.

What would you do if one day you turned on your Computer and you was greeted with this alarming screen?

File Encryption

“This photo was taken for a customers machine who had been infected with the Ransomware CyrptoLock Malware”

What does this Malware do?

This malicious piece of malware will scan your computer and will find all of your personal or business files including Documents, Pictures, Spreadsheets, Databases, Publication pretty much any personal files you have on your computer. This program will also scan ALL Network drives, External drives and any other storage media connect to you pc and once it detects any personal documents or photos it will start to encrypt them using a 256 Bit encryption. This will make all your files unusable until you pay them their ransom which is normally about 2 Bit coins or £700 via Ukash.

How can I prevent this?

There are a few ways to prevent becoming the next victim to this nasty malware. The low maintenance way to prevent this threat is to make sure you are running an up to date premium antivirus program such as Kaspersky or Bullguard, we recommend these products because we have tested them thoroughly with multiple infections and they have came on top. Bullguard publicly tweeted that their users are protected from this kind of threat.