Window’s XP User’s – End Of Support



Windows XP is soon to be unsupported meaning you will not receive any Microsoft updates for XP, these updates usually include bugs fixes, service packs and fix security threats. We would recommend you to upgrade to Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Commonly asked questions:

Does this mean I cannot use XP?
No, you can still use Windows XP normally but you will no longer receive any automatic updates.

Internet Explorer 8 sometimes tells me my browser is outdated?
When Windows XP becomes unsupported so will Internet Explorer 8, which means that websites will not appear correct or load correctly, the solution, is to use another browser for example Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox if you continue to use Windows XP.

I’m worried that my programs won’t work on Windows 7?
We have found that Windows 7 is just as compatible as Windows XP, most of those older applications will work with 7 or if they don’t you will have to find a newer release of the product or use the compatibility mode to run the program, if you really need Windows XP there is a Windows XP Mode for Windows 7 Professional*.

Can my PC run Windows 7?
Depending on your age of your PC and the hardware you have, you can either bring in your PC or Laptop into our shop to see if it can run Windows 7 and if any upgrade options are necessary or install the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor and follow the instructions.

Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor:

Windows 8 Upgrade Advisor:

Should I purchase a new PC?
Depending on the circumstances such as your PC specification and budget, you may find it cheaper to upgrade than purchase a new PC or Laptop or vice versa. We also have a range of Custom Built PC’s and Laptops, which fully support Windows 7 and Windows 8.

What about Windows 8?
If you’re use to the layout of Windows XP we suggest to stick with Windows 7, if you fancy a fresh start with your PC and willing to try a new layout you can try Windows 8, the choice is yours.

*Certain Hardware and Software requirements are needed to run Windows XP Mode.