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Cyber criminals Exploit fear in fake CryptoLocker and Gameover Zeus fix

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A spam e-mail has been sent to Windows users that claims to offer decryption keys for the malware which has emptied millions from bank accounts worldwide.

The campaign by hackers claims to unlock any personal files on a PC that have been locked but then downloads onto a computer a dangerous virus.

Experts have warned people not to open any unsolicited e-mails which offers a solution to CryptoLocker and Gameover Zeus.

Raluca Stanciu, a malware researcher at tech firm BullGuard who identified the threat, said: “Cyber criminals have been quick off the mark following the widespread media coverage around CryptoLocker and Gameover Zeus.

“They’re trying to exploit fear and uncertainty. As a rule, unsolicited emails like this should be ignored.

“But that said, we can expect to see more similar-themed emails in the coming weeks.”