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Viruses & Scams

Viruses and scams

Last year we wrote an article about the Microsoft scam fake phone calls, and we feel we must address this again as it is happening on a global scale. This is a very serious matter because these ruthless people will call your home and tell you they are from Microsoft, (IMPORTANT! Microsoft do not call end users) they will try scare tactics and tell you your PC is infected and they can resolve any issues you have. We must repeat our warnings from last year do not let anyone take control of your PC remotely unless you made the phone call and do not give you credit or debit cards to anyone over the phone. These people will not just use Microsoft’s name they use other well-known brand names like B.T. Norton Etc. Make everyone you know aware of this type of fraud.

New Threats

lately there has been new cases of “HTML Email Virus” popping up around the world. What this means is that you can get a virus from just opening an email. Details in the link below References (Not included in article).

We are still getting customers coming in with the fake D.H.L parcel delivery virus email. This email is not from D.H.L. but from unsolicited emails claiming to be from D.H.L or many of the well known parcel delivery companies more info can be found here. This type of virus hides all your icons and files. We find a good scan and clean with a good antivirus program and then a restore before the attack happened sorts out this issue. We recommend Kaspersky Internet security to clean your system. A free 30 day trial is available see our website for the link.

Beware of any email from delivery companies about parcels being delivered.

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